Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Ltd. (RREL), is one of the foremost and pioneering solar companies, with more than 25 years of experience of Solarizing Bangladesh. As a company we specialize as a systems integrator & installer of solar solutions, manufacturer of key solar components, and one-stop service provider for carbon project development. At RREL, we have established our own fully automated PV module manufacturing plant with a capacity of 18MW, which not only caters to captive requirements, but also supplies to other similar organizations and exports abroad. As of date RREL has so far installed more than 25MWp of solar system in forms of Solar Home System (SHS), solar pumping solutions, telecom solutions, and on-grid roof-top solutions and decentralized solar community electrification projects etc.

Key areas of our company’s operation are:

  • Solar Home System (SHS)
  • Rooftop Solar Power System
  • Solar Telecom Solutions
  • Solar Powered Pumps
  • EPC and Projects

Major works done by RREL:

  • Installation of more than 0.4million Solar Home Systems in different rural off-grid areas of Bangladesh under IDCOL managed world’s largest micro financing based SHS program.
  • Installation of more than 120 solar irrigation pumps, so far the maximum in the country.
  • Installation of the largest on-grid power project of 50.4KWp at Independent University, Dhaka.
  • Rooftop projects at key government installations like Bangladesh bank, Rural Electrification Board (REB), WAPDA, BPDB amongst others.
  • Working with international agencies like UNDP, UNHCR and others to provide solar solutions and systems.
  • Providing street-light in refugee camps in Africa to ensure moveability and security.

For further queries, do drop an e-mail at solar@rahimafrooz.com