PV Plant

To contribute to its initiatives and in order to enhance its value chain, RREL established the largest automated PV module manufacturing plant in Bangladesh. The plant has been established through the latest technology from USA to facilitate service at both local and global markets.

Our product offings are mono and multi crystalline solar modules of different capacities for both off-grid and On-grid applications. The modules range from 20Wp-300Wp.

Our pledge to harbor the best of products has obtained us, certifications by, IEC from TUV, USA and UL listings.

Our state of the art automated plant has the following key features:

The Facility:

  •  The only automated plant in the country
  • Controlled production environment through precision air conditioning and humidity control system
  • Equipments are sourced from USA and Japan

The Modules:·

  • High performance cells from renowned manufacturers
  • Excellent performance even in diffused sunlight
  • Outstanding tolerance to rough weather
  • Module installation safety is ensured though Hi-Pot testing
  • International Lab Grade Sun Simulator for testing.

Our SKUs:

pv chart

Warranty Policy:

  • 25 year limited warranty of 80% power output (Refers to RREL warranty Policy)·
  • 10 years physical warranty (Refers to RREL warranty Policy)



cirtificateFor further queries, do drop an e-mail at solar@rahimafrooz.com