Lighting Solutions

Did you know that LED lights can save energy costs, are more durable, environment friendly and are better for your eyes? At Rahimafrooz Solar we have a range of both DC and AC LED bulbs and tube lights accompanied with replacement warranties.

DC LED Bulbs and Tube light.

DC LED bulbs and tubelights are designed to be used with Solar Home Systems and Solar MPS. All DC LED products have 3 years replacement warranty.

AC LED Bulbs and Tube light.

AC LED bulbs and tube lights are suitable for long time use and saves up to 80% of electricity consumption. All AC LED products have 30 months warranty.

Lifestyle Appliances

Rahimafrooz Solar has energy efficient lifestyle products like the Powerview TV and the Powerwing Fan. These are low power consuming appliances that can be used via Solar Home System as well as AC current (using the AC adaptor).

Powerview TV

Powerview is a DLED TV that is Full HD and can run on solar power. It is available in 2 sizes: 24” and 22”. Some features:

  • High quality backlight and panel
  • Clear viewing angle from all sides
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Built in low and high voltage protection
  • Especially made to be adaptable with Solar Home System (SHS)
  • Energy efficient, hence cost is 25% less than conventional TV
  • Available AC-DC Adaptor
  • 24 months warranty
  • Global Leap USA 2017 Finalist

Powerwing Fan

The Powerwing fan is available as a table fan and a stand fan. Both are DC appliances and consume 30% less power than other fans do. They are designed to be used with Solar Home Systems for rural and off-grid areas. The stand fan can be used on AC systems as well. Some features:

  • Only 10Watt electricity consumption at maximum speed
  • Reverse polarity and short circuit protection
  • AC-DC adaptor is available for 16” stand fan only
  • One year warranty
  • Global Leap USA 2017 Finalist

Solar Home Systems

Solar Home Systems (or more popularly known as SHS) were initially designed as lighting solutions for rural areas not connected to the grid. Today it is a convenient way for households and small enterprise owners to have access to clean and low cost electricity, free of load shedding and power cuts. The current SHS (depending on its capacity) can support DC appliances like TVs and fans and even power cell phones.

  • Are a source of clean and renewable energy and reduces the need for kerosene lamps.
  • Come with a 20 year warranty on solar panels and 5 year warranty on solar battery.
  • Are independently owned and thus no bills to pay.
  • Free from power cuts and load shedding
  • Are easy to maintain
  • Are available from 10Wp to 130Wp capacity.

Clean Cooking Solutions

Cooking is a vital mainstay f or human existence and cooking methods have depleted forests, natural gas and contributed to air pollution. The clean cooking solution from Rahimafrooz Solar is one that provides the convenience of quick cooking while emitting less smoke than traditional woodstoves. The temperature can be controlled by a volume button and the cookstove can be connected to a solar panel to power the fan (3W consumption). Its features include:

  • Temperature controlled by volume button
  • Fan controlled fire to change the speed of cooking.
  • Pellet based fuel for environment friendly cooking
  • Less prone to accidents (over woodstoves and kerosene stoves)
  • Cost effective
  • Can cook for up to 7 people
  • Emits less smoke and soot thus less harmful to person cooking and others close by.
  • Warranty: 1 year

Power Storage Solutions

Rahimafrooz Solar manufactures and sells power solutions for transportation like electric rickshaws and motorcycles, which are major modes of transport in rural Bangladesh. This reduces the need for petrol and diesel to power motor cycles and also makes electric rickshaw drivers able to work longer as the physical stress is less.
ER batteries have a warranty of
MC batteries have a warranty of

Household Water Pump And Drinking Water Solution

Impure drinking water leads to a variety of skin and digestive diseases that lead to poor quality of health mostly in women and children. Having access to clean water for sanitary and drinking purposes can be managed by using a solar powered household pump fitted with a drinking water filter for purification. This is especially important for areas that have arsenic or salinated ground water. The solar powered pump increases access to clean water and reduces the impact on the environment and expenses as it is not powered by diesel or grid electricity.

  • This pump is designed to be operable with a 130Wp SHS.
  • Can be installed in conjuction with tubewell. Capable of lifting water from 4” tube well (Submersible)
  • Ensures regular water supply using 0.5 Horse power pump to draw 5000+ liters/day
  • Water filter or purification set up can be set up during installation.
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