Solar Home System (SHS)

B Janu March

Solar Home Systems or  more popularly known as SHS are the means to ensure light in rural off-grid areas. Solar Home System constitutes of a package of Solar panel, battery and accessories, providing light and a way of living in those areas not connected to the grid. For agarian Bangladesh, where a huge number of population are outside conventional grid, the visionary  journey of Rahimafrooz Solar with SHS started in the mid 1980s, with the single installation of a home system at Sylhet. It gradually started inititating awarness and emphasizing the necessity of SHS thorugh its activities and had henceforth been one of the most prominent and active forebearers of the SHS revolution in Bangladesh

The SHS program

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The Solar Home System program was initiated with fund support from the World Bank, GTZ, ADB & KFW by Infrastructure Development Company Ltd. (IDCOL), the government body to initiate and monitor renewable program in Bangladesh. It has since then being implemented through the Partner Organizations and has crossed the landmark revolutionary figure of almost 3 million installations in Bangladesh.



Panel on Roof

Rahimafrooz Solar is a key partner involved directly in the integration and installation of the system, through supply and manufacture of panel and batteries to expedite and augment this revolution, itself installing 0.4 million directly through our sister concern.

Our Products

Through Panels manufactured at our own PV plant, and battery supplied from our Solar battery manufacturing facility, Rahimafrooz Accumulators LTD., the largest in Bangladesh, our highly efficient systems range from 20Wp to 90Wp. Appliances such as TV, Radio and DC fan can also be used in the system with appropriate load allocation and adjustment.

Our Product Specifications:

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Core Features

  • 20+ years of experience in SHS with first-hand experience of integration and implementation of Solar Home System (SHS)
  • World class PV module manufacturing facility. IDCOL approved, IEC Certifications from TUV USA, UL Certifications USA
  • In house Solar Battery Manufacturing Facility
  • One of the largest distribution network in Bangladesh
  • Training and facilitation of service provision
  • Prompt response to trouble shooting and queries
  • Guaranteed after sales service.

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