Solar pumps

Solar Powered Irrigation System

Solar irrigation pumps systems offered by  RREL are of two types:


  • Flooded Irrigation
  • Drip and small scale irrigation


Crop farming has been the way of life, for Bangladesh and  thousands of acres of arable lands are dedicated  to crop farming. Farming requires uninterrupted and cost effective methods of water dispersion. Energy crisis and scarcity of diesel had been major disruptive factors and drawback to irrigation system, resulting in reduced crop yields.

Rahimafrooz Solar is the pioneer in introducing Solar Powered Irrigation Pumps in Bangladesh; the breakthrough technology for this energy incapacitated agro-based economy. Solar powered irrigation is the efficient and environment friendly solution for the irrigation system which currently depends on hugely inefficient electric and diesel pumps. As per the present context, replacing all the electric and diesel pumps for irrigation with Solar water pumps can save up to 760 MW of electricity,……..liters of diesel fuel and more than 3200 crore of foreign exchange.

Solar Powered Drinking Water System

We offer drinking systems for:

  • Communities
  • Live stock

This solution provides pure drinking water to communities who are deprived of runnung water as well as do not have access to natural fresh water.Solar drinking solutions offered by RREL consists of both PSP and groundwater type solutions, whereby surface water and underground water is filtered and stored for usage.

Core Features of Irrigation and Drinking Water Solutions:

  • AC/DC pumping solutions
  • Optimum pump sizing and selection for every different applications
  • Wide product range
  • High quality crystalline solar panels with 20 years warranty period
  • Highly efficient brushless DC/AC motor with around 10 years service lives
  • 3 times daily adjustable array structures increasing system performance by 20%
  • Robust MPPT controllers to ensure peak flow every moment
  • Strong technical team for on time installation and after sales services
  • Finally, long field experience to provide the best practical pumping solution

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