Solar Rooftop System

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Roof-top solar power systems provide energy for both office and households. This comes as an efficient alternative to supplement conventional grid energy and substitute usage of generators.

The first key rooftop project installed Rahimafrooz Solar was at the Prime Minister’s office. From then onwards, various government institutions and the private sector have embraced solar solutions as a form of alternative form to meet the partial energy required. Rahimafrooz is a major player in the development of rooftop solutions and systems installer for Bangladesh.

Our Solutions

Grid connected System: System connected to grid to supply power directly to the load without battery backup. Capacity range: 3KWp-500KWp

Stand alone System: Grid Independent Solar PV System with battery back up

Customized Solution: Beyond the mentioned solutions, we provide customized solutions to cater to specific requirements ensuring feasibility and the highest efficiency of solutions.

Core Features:

  • Most efficient system design for feasible solution
  • Complete EPC offer
  • Prompt after sales service
  • AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) options
  • Referral from project funding
  • Client Counseling Service

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