Solar Telecom Solution


Solar Telecom Solution provides unique energy solution to off-grid mobile base stations, offering alternative power, optimizing cost of operation and providing green energy. In Bangladesh, even though a population of 40%  still lives in the off-grid areas the tele- density is more than 32%. This shows the increasing need to stay communicated and hence the pressure on Mobile operators. To run a base station 24/7 requires huge amounts of fueled generators, as these stations are situated if in off-grid areas and where areas where grid connectivity is not sufficient to do the needful.

Rahimafrooz Solar is the pioneer in providing Solar Powered telecom solutions in Bangladesh. The Standalone as well as Hybrid Telecom Solutions designed by Rahimafrooz are cost efficient and purposely engineered for energy optimization to support remote or semi urban On-grid/Off-grid/Semi Off-grid BTS with continuous power supply where commercial power is unstable or scarcely available.

Our Solutions

  • Standalone Solar Solution for BTS
  • Solar/Diesel Hybrid Solution for BTS

We offer

  • Power Rental service
  • System design and EPC


  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
  • CDM Project Development support



Core Features:

  • Ensuring site power for 24/7
  • Lowering Fuel Opex
  • Optimizing DG fuel efficiency
  • Avoiding huge fuel transportation hassle
  • Lowering DG Maintenance Opex

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